Saving Money With Rented Construction Equipment

24 October 2016
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If you make your living bidding on small construction projects, you know the importance of making every penny count when it comes to completing these jobs. Finding simple ways to eliminate costs can help make your construction company more profitable in the future. One of the easiest ways to reduce expenses is by opting to rely on rented construction equipment rather than purchasing these large items yourself.

Here are three ways that renting construction equipment could be financially beneficial for your small construction company in the future.

1. Rental rates are lower than purchase prices.

Your small construction company might not have access to the financial resources required to purchase heavy machinery.

The average cost of a used backhoe or dump truck might be out of reach when it comes to securing a bank loan, but the rental rates for these same pieces of equipment can easily be incorporated into the budget of each project you work on. Opting to rent your heavy machinery rather than purchase it outright will help your small construction company free up more capital for other financial needs.

2. Renting eliminates the need for regular maintenance.

In addition to the purchase price of a piece of equipment, you will need to factor the cost of regular maintenance into the total financial burden your small construction company will have to bear in order to complete the purchase.

By opting to rent from a reputable machinery company instead, you eliminate the need to invest in costly maintenance. Any repairs that need to be made or parts that need to be maintained in order to keep the machines running properly are the financial burden of the rental agency, not your construction company.

3. Access to operators is usually included in the rental price.

Many types of construction equipment require highly trained operators in order to function safely. Hiring someone with a crane operator's license or the training required to run a large front-end loader can be expensive.

When you rent these pieces of equipment, the rental agency often provides access to an operator. Including the cost of an operator in the rental prices protects the rental agency's interests by ensuring only qualified personnel will run their equipment, and it also prevents you from having to bear the financial burden of hiring an employee qualified to operate the machinery yourself. 

Saving money by renting your construction equipment can help you make your small construction company more profitable. Eliminate purchase payments, maintenance costs, and skilled operator wages from your budget by working with a rental agency for your machinery needs in the future.

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