Should You Rent A Boiler Room?

25 October 2016
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If your factory's main boiler has to be shut down for repairs, but you can't afford to lose work time, you're likely looking at renting a boiler to pick up the slack. But renting a boiler itself has some issues, like where to find space for it. Your factory's layout might not be that flexible, and space for the rental boiler could be scarce. However, there is an option known as a portable boiler room, and this is something you should strongly consider.

Space Limitations

As long as you have a space near the building to park a semi-sized trailer, you can rent a boiler room. That sounds a bit weird given that space limitations were a cause of not putting the rental boiler inside the factory. But if you have parking spaces or extra spaces at your loading dock, all you have to do is clear those and have the trailer delivered.

The interior of your factory has machinery that isn't that easily moved. Even a small boiler could end up being too big for the available space. But parking spaces are a lot easier to clear out.

Weather Protection

You could say that you don't need to go as far to rent a mobile boiler room because you could just put the extra boiler in the parking lot, right? Not exactly. The weather and the environment would be big factors in how well the boiler would fare.

Everything you need to operate the boiler, plus space for you to stand in, is contained in the mobile room. That means you do not have to stand in the rain or in oppressive heat to check something on the boiler. You also have better security because you can lock up the trailer when you're done.

Ease of Delivery and Removal

Keeping everything in the trailer has another advantage: It's very easy to move everything on and off of your property. There's no need to bring and place each piece separately, or to do any massive hookup work on each piece. Everything is already connected except for that last connection into your factory. When it's time to send the boiler room back, you have to unhook only the main connections into the factory. Everything else can be carted away in that trailer without requiring extra work from you.

If you need to rent a boiler, contact rental companies and ask about mobile boiler rooms. These may be a more convenient option that lets you continue to work while your normal boiler is undergoing repairs.