3 Characteristics Of Quality Oilfield Housing Units

1 October 2019
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The oil and gas industries employ a lot of people. Oftentimes, these employees are called to work in remote areas where there may not be much available housing. Oil and gas companies can address a lack of availability in residential properties by bringing in their own housing units.

Oilfield housing offers the mobility needed to move an employee population to any drill site with ease. Improve the quality of your housing units by shopping with the following characteristics in mind.


Working on an oil or gas drilling rig is tough work, and your employees will need a durable housing unit to come home to at the end of each shift.

Look for units that are constructed with materials that are easy to keep clean. Carpet and other soft surfaces can quickly become soiled as employees bring in dirt and debris from the drill rig, so stick to units with tile or hardwood flooring instead.

You will also want to ensure that the exterior surfaces of the housing unit are capable of withstanding exposure to all elements. This will allow the housing units to continue providing the shelter your employees need well into the future.


You must find a way to balance the quality of construction and durability with the cost when it comes to purchasing housing units for your oilfield employees. Affordable housing units will help reduce overhead spending and ensure that the cost of housing your employees doesn't break the bank.

Look for units that have basic finishes and standard appliances. Since the units will provide housing on a short-term basis, employees don't need granite countertops or self-flushing toilets. Eliminating these high-end and designer features from your units will help keep housing costs as low as possible.


Employees who are well-rested and satisfied with their living conditions will perform more efficiently on drilling rigs each day. This means that the comfort of your oilfield housing units can have a direct impact on the profitability of your rigs.

Opt to invest in housing units that offer ample living space and secluded areas where employees can enjoy some privacy. Look for large showers and full kitchens so that employees can enjoy all the amenities of home while living in your housing units. Small creature comforts can improve employee morale and help increase productivity over time.

The right housing units can make all the difference when it comes to the success of your oil or gas drilling rigs. Shop with durability, affordability, and comfort in mind to maximize the benefits your housing units offer.