Why Use Radiant Heat for Your Commercial Space?

14 September 2021
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One of the challenges of heating a commercial building is that the spaces are so much bigger than a typical home. With wide rooms and tall ceilings, forced air heating solutions can be impractical to use. Here are some reasons why you will want to use radiant heat for your commercial space.

Radiant Heat Is Comfortable

When it comes to how radiant heat is going to make your employees and customers feel, know that it is going to feel much more comfortable than forced-air heating options. There are not going to be hot and cold spots in the room, because hot water pipes are evenly distributed across the entire floor which is where the heat comes from. It keeps the feet and legs of people warm, and the heads cool. 

Radiant heat also rises from the floor, rather than coming from vents overhead or along the sides of a room. Since heat rises, this means that it creates comfortable heat across the entire room near the floor where people spend all of their time. 

Radiant Heat Is Energy Efficient

Since this heat comes from the floor, you are not going to waste money by producing hot air that ends up going right to the ceiling. You'll use less energy because you are feeling the heat where you are located, so less energy is used to get the heat to cover the entire room. 

In addition, radiant heat uses less energy in general than forced air systems. This is due to how heat dissipates quickly from the air, causing it to feel cold soon after it leaves the vent. Hot water retains its heat quite well, so even water sitting in a pipe that has been heated quite a while ago will still produce heat that you can enjoy. 

Radiant Heat Provides Even Coverage

One problem you may have with a forced-air heating system is that you don't get even coverage across the entire space. One person may complain that they are too hot, while another person feels they are too cold. They may feel hot near their head, but feel cold at their feet underneath their desk where the heat isn't reaching. 

Since radiant heat is distributed in a grid of hot water pipes, it produces even heat across the entire space. You don't have to worry about furniture getting in the way or the path of hot air being blocked. It should help ensure that everything is heated evenly. 

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