Own A Warehouse? 2 Types Of Pallets You Can Use

5 April 2022
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If you own a warehouse, you likely have a lot of materials that you must store. To do this you need to have pallets. When it comes to pallets you will find different types to choose from. Below is information on two of these types so you will choose the right pallets for your warehouse. 

Teardrop Pallets

Teardrop pallet racks are what you will find in most warehouses. This is because this is a simple system that has multiple rack slots allowing you to store more materials in an organized manner. These pallets are also secure and steady, which makes them safe for your employees. They are designed so that if you need to remove them you can do so quickly because of the way they are designed. 

The materials on the pallets can be squeezed so that there is a tight fit. This will prevent the rack from buckling and swaying while it is being moved. Employees can still easily loosen the materials and disassemble them when needed.

These pallets have a locking system that uses pins in slots. To loosen the pallets these pins must be removed. This makes these pallets much more secure. Consider a forklift not handing the pallet correctly. With standard pallets, they could easily become loose and fall. With teardrop pallets, you won't have to worry about this happening. These pallets are generally made of durable steel.

Double Slotted Pallets

You will also find double-slotted pallets in warehouses. This type has two slot systems for the forklift driver to pick up and move the pallet. One big benefit of double-slotted pallets is they are durable and strong. If you have large materials in your warehouse that are heavy, a double-slotted pallet can handle heavier loads better when compared to teardrop pallets. 

Double slotted pallets are made from iron in many cases. Iron is heavier than steel, but this also makes these pallets more durable, meaning they may last longer for you. Because of the extra weight, it may take longer to use these pallets. If you do not have to worry about speed in setting up and taking them down this will not be a problem. 

Double slotted racks are resistant to impacts, which can be especially beneficial if you use a lot of forklifts in your warehouse. You will find these pallets more expensive in most cases. Because they will likely last longer, however, this expense is worth it. 

Talk with a manufacturer that makes and sells these pallets to learn more about each of them.