Parts Of Your Van Buildout That Need Custom Rubber Part Manufacturing

19 July 2022
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Living and traveling in a van full time is an increasingly popular lifestyle. This type of lifestyle is easier now than ever before. You have the ability to work and pay bills online. This means while you travel you can make money, use money, and live inside of your van. This lifestyle requires a van buildout that is aligned with your lifestyle and travel plans. Part of this means you will need some custom-made options. Here are some of the custom rubber part manufacturing you will need to complete parts of your buildout. 

Rubber Adhesive Stripping

Rubber adhesive stripping can be used in many ways to help your van buildout. The most common way is to place the stripping around the baseboard area of your walls as a form of insulation. You can also use the stripping in your shower area as a way to help reduce leaks. Regardless of the way you use the stripping, because of the small space, you will need to have stripping custom-made. You will need to have it custom-made for length, but also for height and width. When you are dealing with a van buildout for long-term living and travel, you are dealing with space smaller than traditional areas. This is where the custom rubber part manufacturing comes in. 

Gasket Sets

Gaskets are a major part of van buildouts and RV living. They are used for nearly every connection of wires. They are also needed for nearly every joint and fitting. When you do a van buildout for full time living, they become necessary for other uses. For example, you likely will want a small shower or bathroom in the van. This is possible, but the design will be scaled down and adjusted to use every inch of space comfortably. This means having custom rubber parts made to fit these custom-designed bathroom, joints, and gasket connections. 

Bumper Parts

Bumper parts do not always refer to the bumper of the van. The term bumper can also refer to safety bumpers within the van. These bumpers can be used on cabinets that are part of the buildout. They can also be used to help protect items in your van during travel. Any area of the van buildout that may become damaged from being knocked around during travel can benefit from bumpers. You can have these custom-made for each area of the van. 

Ideally you should contact your custom rubber part manufacturing service when you have a full list of the items you need. They can take your requests and create the rubber parts you need. Also, consider having them create an extra set or two. The reason for this is so you will have a replacement if the original part breaks or wears down over time. 

For more information on custom rubber part manufacturing, contact a professional near you.