3 Waterjet Replacement Parts To Help Prevent Water Leaks

9 November 2022
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Waterjet technology helps make precision cuts across all types of metal, but the machines can only work correctly if water pressure runs at the highest level. If water leaks through parts of the machine, then the cuts may not work correctly and the machine may need replacement parts. 

Some waterjet areas wear down over time and need replacement parts more than others. You could order waterjet parts as needed or keep some of the more common spare parts on hand for quick replacement when leaks occur. Check out some of the more common parts you should order for your waterjet. 

1. On/Off Valve Repair Kit 

The on/off valve on waterjets will guide a stream of water directly from the water source and into the jet. Each time an employee turns on the waterjet, the valve opens to let the water in. The high impact of water pressure that occurs each time the valve opens can create wear and tear over time. Along with the valve itself, the small rubber stoppers could wear down.

The condition of the water could also create a buildup on the valve that eventually causes leaks. When you shop for waterjet replacement parts, you can purchase a whole repair kit that includes all of the parts, installation instructions, and tools needed.

2. Dynamic Seals

Dynamic seals provide the proper seals to keep water leaks away from parts. The seals could break at the edges, deteriorate, or wear down over time. The small part could create major problems with leaks and water pressure. When you order exact size parts for your water jet, you can quickly install replacements when needed and keep water flow at optimal levels.

You need to know the proper size of a seal to ensure the water remains sealed when you use a replacement part. Refer to your waterjet manual to find the exact size and part numbers for the dynamic seals.

3. Micron Filters

When you use water jets, the micron filters help filter out minerals and debris found in water. If the filters become too full, they can expand in size, cause blockages, and eventually lead to leaks. Regular maintenance of the micron filters will ensure the filters remain clean. Order replacement filters to have on hand and replace them as needed.

The number of replacements you need for the waterjet will depend on the amount you use the waterjet. More frequent use will require more filter changes.

Make sure you order the correct size for all the parts to avoid any future problems with a waterjet. Contact a local equipment supplier to learn more about waterjet parts, including Omax waterjet replacement parts