Traffic Control Barricades: Key Features To Look For

21 December 2022
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Traffic control barricades are useful resources because they help direct the flow of traffic, usually around areas where road construction takes place. If you need to buy a set, here are some key features to look for.

Stable Base

In order for traffic control barricades to serve their role effectively, they need to remain upright at all times. You can ensure this happens consistently if you find some control barricades that have a stable base.

The base should cover a lot of ground so that regardless of the activity that these barricades are exposed to, they can remain upright and thus control traffic.

The base also needs to feature durable materials that can last, such as steel or aluminum. These are just a few specs that can give you confidence about how these barricades will set up and remain sturdy for as long as they're used. 


If there are ever vehicles that accidentally make contact with your construction site's traffic control barricades, you want the barricades to hold up just fine. They can if they have an impact-resistant design.

Even if they're collided into, they won't suffer severe structural damage that you would have to repair and potentially find replacement barricades for. To find this quality in traffic control barricades, you just need to see what materials they're made out of and verify they're durable.

Heavy Fill Weight

There are some traffic control barricades that can be filled up with substances like sand and water. They offer more safety to construction sites because if they are hit by oncoming vehicles, the weight from said substances can keep these barricades in place.

You just want to find barricades that have a heavy fill weight so that you can make the most out of this fillable design. These weight ranges can vary and will be predicated on the overall size of the barricades. Fortunately, there should be clear numbers that you can assess to see how heavy these barricades will be after they're filled up completely with the appropriate substance.

There are a lot of reasons to set up traffic control barricades around road construction sites, such as safely moving traffic around work areas. You just need to find a set that has the right features so that you can put all of your trust in these solutions after they're set up. 

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