No Water From A Well & Drilling In A New Location

2 April 2023
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Were you excited to buy a house that has a water well on the property but got disappointed when you learned it does not work? Do not allow your disappointment to take away from the excitement of having a water well on your property. The reason is that a water well can be repaired, or a professional can be hired to drill the well in a different location on your property. There are several reasons why the well has stopped working, including no longer having access to a steady flow of groundwater. Water well drilling is a task that you do not want to attempt on your own, as you might not have the expertise needed to avoid making mistakes. 

What Causes a Water Well to Become Dry?

A well might seem as though it has run dry if there is something wrong with the pressure tank, such as a clogged pipe. In such a case, unclogging the pipe might lead to water flowing into a home. The well pump can also malfunction and cause a well to run dry, which can be resolved by getting a new pump installed. However, a well commonly runs dry due to the pump not having access to groundwater because there is none left inside the aquifer. If the aquifer has run out of water, it is necessary to drill into a different aquifer to obtain groundwater.

Where Should a New Well Be Drilled?

There is not a specific location on your property in which a well should be drilled. The most important aspect of drilling a well is to ensure that it is in an area that contains an aquifer that has enough water for your household. Finding the right aquifer is not an easy task unless it is found by a professional in the water well drilling industry. The reason is that professionals have equipment that assists with finding groundwater. If you would like a well drilled in a specific location, ask a professional if it is possible to be done.

Is Water Well Drilling a Long Process to Complete?

The time to drill a water well depends on the condition of the ground and several other factors. You should allow up to several days for your well to be drilled. However, you can ask a professional for a more specific time period for drilling a water well.

Speak to a water well drilling contractor to learn more.